High school

Educational activities for high school students

Wife or nun; A woman’s choice

Women of the cloth, her role between past and present

For second cycle

Ethics and Religious Studies

What is a nun ? What is an Ursuline. Why were these women attracted to this lifestyle ? What is the role of a religious community within the society of Québec ?

We explore these questions with the students through the example of a young woman’s experience as an aspiring Ursuline. With visual support such as photography, texts, objects and video documentation, as well as recorded testimonies, the goal of this visit is to lead the students to reflexion and dialogue about the phenomenon of religion.


In the laboratory

Teaching Sciences at the Ursulines of Québec School in the 19th century.

For first and second cycles

Sciences and Technologies

In order to keep up with the scientific development during the 19th century, the Ursuline sisters introduced subjects such as astronomy, natural sciences, physics and chemistry in their teaching curriculum. To perfect the teaching of those subjects, they assembled the finest and most modern tools available at the time.

Peek into the history of sciences in Québec and discover with your  students an array of scientific tools dating from the 19th century. While themselves handling a number of prototypes, they will be able to understand their workings, but also, the phenomenon these tools attempt to recreate.

The Young Ladies’ Academy

The Ursulines and Education in Québec

For second cycle

Social Studies

Through the example of the Ursulines of Québec, founding mothers of the first school for girls in North America, this activity strives at valorizing the role played by religious institutions in the history of education in Québec.

We approach themes such as the education of women, its evolution towards gender equality, coeducation, the secularization of the 1960’s, as well as the deconfessionalization of the Québec schooling system in the years 2000.


the ursulines of québec heritage

Bestowing a legacy of riches 

For first and second cycles

Social Studies + Ethics and Religious Studies

What is heritage ? What is the Ursulines of Québec heritage ? What is the purpose and value of such a heritage for the Québec society ? Consequently, what is the role of a museum in the safeguarding and valorization of this heritage ?

All theses questions are brought forward in this activity, in order to bring the students to reflect upon the role of the heritage passed down by their ancestors in the construction of their own cultural identity. 


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